Avron Soyer


Avron Soyer

Chess Players in Red and Green
Catalog No.: SLG-S001-018
Size (H x W): 7 3/4" x 6"
Oil Pastel, Oil Paint and Correction Fluid
Material: Paper
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Artist Credo

The artist dances with the act of painting, the emerging image and the world. One becomes aware of the directionality of every stroke. One becomes sensitive to each touch of charcoal or brush and to every compositional interplay of color and shape. 

Art is the embodiment of "inwardness" in an interpersonal medium. Inwardness is the world as it is experienced. My inwardness is the world as it appears to me. 

I love the feel and texture of paint. I love the act of painting with its "visual music" of color line and shape. 

I am fascinated by light: cold white moon and yellow sun, flickering candle and bright obsessive neon would express the appearance and transformation of real and imagined images in light. 

My art is figurative. It is rooted in this unique urban moment. It is open to ghosts and archetypical images. It is open to beauty and to anguish.